Damaged Gorge

We had a pretty crazy rainstorm last week. Some places in Nova Scotia reported over 160mm of rain, all within one day.

One of our favourite places to ride, The Gorge, was hit hard. This is the trail system where the recent Canada Cup race was held.

A washed out hole in the ground

Sarah and I went out to check out the damage. Some people had already come in to clean up and do some emergency repairs to some of the trails, but a lot of damage was still evident.

A lot of the trails that we commonly use looked fine, but there were several parts of trails down by the river that were washed out. We saw at least one river crossing that was completely destroyed. Down near the bottom of The Gorge, the river was redirected and had deposited a bunch of silt over some important parts of the trail.

I have a lot of faith in the folks who do the maintenance on the trail system, though. They have a lot of work ahead of them, but I know they’ll do a good job. Sarah and I will try to get out and help when we can as well. I imagine that some sections of the lower trails will have to be redirected significantly, and there may be some parts that are irrecoverable. But with some hard work and determination, we’ll have our Gorge back up and running soon!

All photos by Sarah Foote

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