Fall Keji Trip

We went out for one last visit to Kejimkujik National Park for the Fall. We went camping for a few nights earlier in the season, but wanted to get out for a day trip.

Keji was hit pretty hard by Hurricane Dorian a few weeks ago. There were a lot of trees blown down, damage to trails and boardwalks, and the bridge for the main biking/walking trail to cross the Mersey River was broken in two.

All of the backcountry trails were closed, but they had worked hard to get the camping area and main trails open again. It was evidently a lot of work, based on what we saw on the trails. There was a ton of tree damage.

We biked some of our favourite trails. We went from Meadows Beach along the lake, up the river, and back. The trail to Jake’s Landing was closed because of the broken bridge.

So after biking, we drove out to Jake’s Landing for a kayak ride. Instead of going up the river like we usually do, we decided to go out and explore the lake a little bit. We didn’t go far, but we found a neat little cove called Fairy Bay. It was tranquil and beautiful, with some leaves on the trees just starting to change colour. Regrettably, however, we did not see any fairies.

Before leaving for the day, we had a quick hike around Roger’s Brook. Last time we were there the mosquitos were attacking with a vengeance. This time they weren’t so bad, although there were still plenty of them around. But while we were walking we saw several deer. Some were in the woods, one was out on the grassy floodplain. They weren’t very nervous of us; one of them actually came relatively close. It was dusky, but we still got some decent pictures.

Keji is one of our favourite places to go in the summer, and we were glad to get one last visit for the season. Next year they are going to be doing major renovations to their camping area, so we won’t be able to camp there, although we’ll likely still visit to do some biking and kayaking!

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