It’s just a number

Well, we’ve all had quite a few birthdays. But we only get a handful where the number on the left changes. I guess it’s as good a time as any for some reflection and musing.

Apparently, a lot of things happened 30 years ago. In 1989, the Berlin wall came down, George H. W. Bush became the 41st president of the US, the first operational GPS satellite was launched into orbit, Tim Berners-Lee produced the first document that would eventually become the blueprint for the World Wide Web, Russia began the construction of its first McDonald’s, the Voyager 2 spacecraft made its closest approach to Neptune and its moon Triton, Nintendo celebrated its 100th anniversary and released the Game Boy system, the first episode of The Simpsons was aired, and well, I was born.

Growing up, I remember thinking about that year in the distant future when my age would be the same as my birth date, the 30th. It always seemed like such a long way away. I guess time flies. And what a flight it has been.

The last time I switched decades, it was met with tragedy. Dad passed away about a month after my 20th birthday. I often think about everything that has happened since then, everything that he hasn’t been here to experience, and that I haven’t been able to talk to him about. Since that time, I finished university, got my first software job, got married, bought a house, and have traveled to some really interesting places. Crazy to think he’s been gone now for one third of my lifetime. It hardly seems like that long, and at the same time it feels like forever.

A lot of things change over time, but it’s really interesting to notice some things that have stuck with me for all of my life. I grew up going to Church, and my faith has always been central to who I am. From a very young age, I started learning to play instruments and sing, which I still do regularly. And I was always a bit of a nerd, wanting to understand how things work, and this has followed me into my adult life and career.

So here’s to 30 years of life. If you’re reading this, chances are that our lives have crossed paths at some point, in some way. Thank you for being a part of this crazy adventure with me. Keep moving forward, keep being thankful, and keep smiling.

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