Damaged Gorge

We had a pretty crazy rainstorm last week. Some places in Nova Scotia reported over 160mm of rain, all within one day. One of our favourite places to ride, The Gorge, was hit hard. This is the trail system where the recent Canada Cup race was held. Sarah and I went out to check out […]

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Kentville Canada Cup 2019

This summer, I’ve been doing a lot of mountain biking. Well, I mean, it’s all relative. But compared to previous years, I’ve been really stepping it up. I think it all started last year when I volunteered at the local Canada Cup race. I found myself very inspired by the amazing riders, but also started […]

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Biking at The Gorge

I’ve started doing some mountain biking recently. I did it some last year, and I’m getting a little bit more into it this year. Still haven’t done much, but it’s great fun, and really good exercise. (Sorry for the blurry photos, it was a bit overcast and dim, which made it hard to get good […]

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