Book Review: Start with Why

I had heard of Simon Sinek’s Start With Why for some time, and had seen his TED talk. But I hadn’t actually read the book until recently. I found it pretty inspiring, and wanted to outline some of the ideas that I found helpful. The Golden Circle The key illustration of the book is the […]

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Tenable CTF Writeup

This past weekend, Sarah and I took part in the first CTF competition hosted by the cybersecurity company Tenable. The competition ran from Thursday to Monday, and had a lot of really great challenges. We had a lot of fun with it, and managed to place 56th out of over 1700 teams on the scoreboard. […]

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Book Review: Deep Work

A couple years ago, I read a great book by Cal Newport called “So Good They Can’t Ignore You”, which I really enjoyed. I had heard that he wrote another book that was about focus and productivity, but I hadn’t gotten a chance to read it until recently. I just finished it, and loved it. […]

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How to Not Get Hacked – Part 1

Recently I was digging into my online security setup to make sure it’s still working and keeping my online accounts secure. There have been some pretty high-profile hacks in the last 20 years or so, and no website is exempt from the possibility of a breach. If you’ve ever had a friend whose email, Facebook, […]

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I Voted Green. Here’s Why.

First, a disclaimer: I am not a politician. I do not have a background in political science, and comparatively speaking, I haven’t spent a great deal of time thinking about the things I’m writing about here. However, I am a voter. As a Canadian citizen, I have a right to vote for the political party […]

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Fall Keji Trip

We went out for one last visit to Kejimkujik National Park for the Fall. We went camping for a few nights earlier in the season, but wanted to get out for a day trip. Keji was hit pretty hard by Hurricane Dorian a few weeks ago. There were a lot of trees blown down, damage […]

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Damaged Gorge

We had a pretty crazy rainstorm last week. Some places in Nova Scotia reported over 160mm of rain, all within one day. One of our favourite places to ride, The Gorge, was hit hard. This is the trail system where the recent Canada Cup race was held. Sarah and I went out to check out […]

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It’s just a number

Well, we’ve all had quite a few birthdays. But we only get a handful where the number on the left changes. I guess it’s as good a time as any for some reflection and musing. Apparently, a lot of things happened 30 years ago. In 1989, the Berlin wall came down, George H. W. Bush […]

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Kentville Canada Cup 2019

This summer, I’ve been doing a lot of mountain biking. Well, I mean, it’s all relative. But compared to previous years, I’ve been really stepping it up. I think it all started last year when I volunteered at the local Canada Cup race. I found myself very inspired by the amazing riders, but also started […]

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