Goals update

So I was going to post an update on my goals at the end of January. Oops.

But overdue as it may be, here’s the update.

My piano playing is coming along nicely. I actually did shoot a video near the end of January, so check that out below. I’ve actually come a long way since then, so I’ll try to shoot another video soon!

As for my exercise goals, well, January went decently well. February on the other hand…I’ve fallen out of the habit. I’m going to see if I can refresh that one. Basically, I just want to do some sort of non-tiny exercise each day, so I’m sure I can find a way to get into that habit.

Goal number three, do more blogging, is also one that I’m going to have to ramp up a bit. It would be nice to try to write a post at least once every couple of weeks. Once a week would be awesome.

So there you go. I’m pretty happy with how the piano playing is going. The others need a bit of work. It’s a journey!

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