Rome Trip 2017

This fall, Sarah and I had the exciting opportunity to go to Rome!

As you may know, I work for a company called Automattic. We’re a distributed company, which means that we all work, and live, wherever we want to. We work from our homes, coffee shops, or coworking spaces all across the world. A few times a year, we get together for meetups.

The team that I’m a part of, The Guardians, announced soon after I got my job offer that our meetup was going to be in Rome. When Sarah heard about that, her first words were “I’m totally coming!”

My meetup was set to start on November 8th, and go until the 15th. Sarah, Kim (Sarah’s mom) and I left on November 3rd, arriving early in the morning on the 4th. We spent a few days together (it was amazing!) before I went to join my team. Then Sarah and Kim spent another day in Rome before leaving on the 10th, and I stayed with my team until heading home on the 15th, almost 2 weeks after leaving.

It was a fantastic trip! Rather than trying to sum it up in a single post, I’ve posted my journals that I wrote to my family while I was there. Check out the links below!

  • Day one
  • Day two
  • Day three
  • Day four
  • Day five
  • Day six – Coming soon!
  • Day seven – Coming soon!
  • Day eight – Coming soon!
  • Day nine – Coming soon!
  • Day ten – Coming soon!
  • Day eleven – Coming soon!
  • Home! – Coming soon!

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